Volunteers wanted for Street Children Project

Think Volunteer works together with various project leaders and volunteers who have started projects for the vulnerable target groups in Indonesia. All projects Think Volunteer cooperates with, focus on local care needs. Topics as personal strength, personal development, social care and the creation of a better living environment are valuable and important. As a volunteer you

Project for Street Children

These projects mainly focus on (street) children in poor neighborhoods. They take care of pre-school and after-school children, homework support, English lessons and other important lessons taught by volunteers.
The goal is to offer these children opportunities for a better future and to work on their dreams. The projects don’t only want to provide a shelter and education, but also to work on prevention in a structural way: preventing children from ending up in the street.

School for deaf children

The educational institution guides the children from an early age to grow into independent young people by using language as the key of learning. The children are able to go to this educational institution from the age of 2 years. In this school the children do not only learn to talk, write and read. They also learn math and other subjects. Almost all of the learning activities are taught by sign language and lip reading. In this educational institution they will also learn skills to live independently.

School for disabled children

The educational institution offers help to children with multiple disabilities in need of special care. Most of them are deaf, deaf and blind or deaf and visually impaired. The goal of the school is to teach the children skills to become more independent. The school also provides 24-hour care for children who cannot longer live at home.