Education & Web/Game Development

This company is a gamification of the elementary school curriculum. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Indonesia pointed out that in rural and remote parts of Indonesia, early childhood development services/education are either absent, inaccessible or unaffordable to most children, which meant that they miss out on valuable early learning and development opportunities that their urban counterparts receive. With that, the company wishes to be the missing link within the availability of those childhood development services.

By translating the existing national curriculum into an interactive game, the goal of the company is to focus on the educational access provided to Indonesian kids and help improve their confidence and capabilities in class. As a mission, the company wishes to ignite every elementary school student’s curiosity, to learn by breathing life to their textbooks in an adaptable, bright, and colorful gaming application. Quality education should be for all instead of a luxury. At the moment, the team is stationed in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Your Internship

We are looking for talents that are articulate in writing whether it is in creating educational questions and scenarios or in developing codes for the gaming application and website. The companies’ position would require students to be adaptable and flexible as they will reside in Jakarta throughout their internship period.

Education members would need to be able to package our textbook’s questions in a creative manner and a scenario achievable by our design.

While developers would need affinity in the following tools: 1. Backend: Laravel (API’s), Big data mining/analysis 2. Frontend: Unity (game elements), Angular (admin panel, consuming API), Ionic (mobile apps, consuming API) 3. DevOps: Jenkins, Google Cloud, Monitoring


  • Fluent in English. Both oral and written
  • Proactive and creative person
  • Follows an education or developer-related study
  • Available for 3 to 5 months