The company is a Bali based fashion brand in leather bags and accessories. The owner is Dutch, the production staff is from Indonesia and the Social Media manager is from Germany. The brand is inspired by combining the island lifestyle with an urban lifestyle. The materials and products are being sourced and produced in Bali. The production goes through Indonesian entrepreneurs only, because they have the best knowledge of the local industry and the company can at the same time support local small businesses.

All products are handmade to retain the art of craftsmanship and to translate this into decent products. In this way each product is unique. The materials that are used are natural and raw, which gives the end product more character.

Your Internship

You will be working closely together with the social media manager and the owner when it comes to the website and the social media channels. The nice thing about this internship is that you will be working in a small team. This means that you need to have an entrepreneurial attitude as you will be involved in all aspects of the company.


  • Redesign the website (WordPress, theme Kalium / Woocommerce webshop)
  • Apply and integrate a new design
  • Editing and updating photos and information on the website
  • Assisting the social media manager in creating content and managing the social media channels


  • Own website design examples
  • Experience working with WordPress
  • Up to date about new layouts and trends
  •  Very independent working and good planning skills
  • Reliable and motivated to gain working experience

*During this internship, you will get a lot of freedom, with real commitment in return for the company and your work. The company operates from a co-working space. You will get a 70-hours per month membership for free from the company.