Waterbom | #1 Waterpark in Asia

Waterbom belongs to the water parks of Asia and is located in Bali near the airport. With about 3.8 hectares of water, water slides and fun, you can certainly enjoy a whole day. With the 11 slides that Waterbom is rich, there is something for everyone. Besides the slides there is also Funtastic, a playground for children and a flow ride track.

I am always in for some excitement and sensation so when I heard that I was going to Waterbom, I got really excited. With 3 other students, we have been here for an afternoon and we have been off almost all the slides. A perfect day between those internship days.

Starting with the Boomerang. This is a light blue roller coaster where you are fired up on a very wide stretch to slide down again with a free fall, like a boomerang. The best and of course the funniest thing is to do this with someone. That’s why they have water bombs of those tires that you can use for two. With two, you will slide even higher.

Next to the Boomerang is the Superbowl. At the beginning, you also go down very hard to create speed, after that you end up in a kind of funnel where you take a few laps. When we had to go down the next slide again, we accidentally fell backwards. This did provide an extra dimension.

Then we proceeded to the Climax. Only at the top, I realized that this is the roller coaster where the plateau disappears beneath you and you just fall straight down. Once I was in the capsule, I really could not go back. Everything in my body said, why are you doing this? And yet I did it. After many meters down and a lot of water in my face, I lay safely at the end of the slide. I will never do this again.

When you are in for a game, you have to try the Twin Racers. There you fight against each other who is first down. First you slide a few laps, after which you glide side by side again and then go straight down, whoever is first down, wins of course. Side note: you slide down on a kind of mat head first down, extra challenge!

Then we went to other slides where you sit in a band, the Python and the Constrictor. As the names indicate, these slides are just like snakes due to all the twists. At the Python, you sit in a circle and you are flung all sides, there is also a dark part and you end up in a kind of halfpipe where you go even higher in the sky. This was one of my favourites. Here you can also go with 3 adults. 

In the Constrictor, the two of you are in a row and you feel as if you are hurling almost over the side or simply falling sideways.

A slide that I cannot recommend is the Pipeline. I got a claustrophobia and there was constant water in my face. it also took too long to my idea.

If you want to recover from all the slides in between then there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can eat and drink. They work there with a kind of wristband where you can put money on, so you do not have to keep your wallet with you. They scan your wristband asking for your name and so you have paid. Very useful system.

We really had a lovely day in between the internship life. We were very busy with all the slides, but you can also do it easily within one day. I can definitely recommend Waterbom when you’re in Bali!

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